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What is Pawsitivity?

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought on many new challenges. One of the biggest challenges is the lack of socialization which has led to a feeling of loneliness for many. Pawsitivity was founded to bridge this gap while still maintaining social distancing guidelines. Our online services allow you to connect with an animal in a nearby shelter to help build positive relationships and healthy habits through play dates, walks, adoption, and more.

Pawsitivity Research

As social distancing regulations extend longer and longer, it’s taking a serious toll on people’s mental and physical health. Through my interviews and research, I found a consistent pattern linking peoples’ socialization to their mental health.* While at the beginning of quarantine, most people were able to maintain some socialization through texting and calling friends, it has not filled the gap of face-to-face interaction. One study showed nearly 1/3 or 32% of people reported higher symptoms of depression and loneliness due to the COVID-19 quarantine.** Most of these participants being women ages 18-29 years old, that live alone or without children, unmarried, and low to middle income.*** So if someone’s health depends so heavily on socialization, how can people get the socialization and friendship they need when the physical social connection isn’t an option?

Concept and Target Audience

There is nothing like the relationship between a pet and its owner. These kinds of relationships have been linked to numerous positive health and psychological benefits. At Pawsitivity we have created a platform that brings companionship, socialization, and physical activity of pet ownership to help reverse the effects of quarantine.

My target audience is primarily females from the ages 18-29 years old, that live alone or without children with a degree or above. I want the branding to look playful and energetic with vibrant colors, organic shapes, and bubble text. I plan on creating eye-chasing marketing with photos and icons. Each component of my project will reflect what best meets my audience’s needs while using consistent elements throughout; such as color scheme, type, brand identifiers, and more.

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